Service Rigs

Free standing double triple service rigs
Mobile pump and 303 tank

Picker Truck
Knuckle Picker
35 MPa Blowout Preventer c/w testing stump
60.3 mm to 88.9 mm tubing equipment
15.8 mm to 25.4 mm rod equipment


  • Equipped with all safety equipment
  • Incinolet toilet

Pressure Vessels

Bleeding off H2S gas. 6m3 t0 20m3

Production Testing & Flowback

  • Battery/facility turn arounds
  • Inline testing capabilities
  • New drills/re-entries/existing wells
  • Drill-outs/clean-outs
  • Pipeline pigging pressure control & fluid recovery

Rig Assist

  • Sweet/sour swab completions
  • Sweet/sour well circulating
  • Gas bleed offs
  • Abandonments
  • Snubbing support

Frac Assist

  • Conventional or coil frac
  • Ball/sleeve/plug and perf
  • Fluid management
  • Screen out recovery


Light towers- 8kilowatt & 25 kilowatt available

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